Meet the Host

After creating a March-Madness style bracket game for the 2018 midterm elections (for fun, like a weirdo), Ty Wycoff realized his passion for discovering new ways to get people engaged in politics. In the summer of 2020, he created This Historic Moment and its flagship podcast, The Millennial’s Guide to This Historic Moment. He’s not a historian nor a political scientist; he’s just a student of history and a politico who geeks out over electoral maps and thinks watching congressional hearings is fun - again, like a weirdo.

He’s done a lot of other things, too (he blames the ADHD): from cinematography school, freelance photography, and a range of public speaking experience to copywriting for business acquisitions and mergers, working with startups, project management, training? Yes, even dog training!

But the variety of professional experiences and the skills he’s picked up along the way, including writing his own bio to convince you he’s important, orbit around one singular passion he’s had his entire life: storytelling.

Currently, he works in political communications while trying to build This Historic Moment.

Ty lives in the mountains of Montana with his partner, a cute geologist named Natali. In his free time, he plays and writes music, enjoys skiing and hiking, and still picks up a camera from time to time.

You can check out his articles on Medium, follow him on Instagram, Twitter (he's real bad at that one), or reach him by emailing