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Slaying Trolls: How to Engage Your Political Opponents (And that one time Abraham Lincoln was in a duel)

Engaging our political opponents has become a seemingly impossible task. It often feels like we are screaming at a brick wall. Though we might put our best selves into convincing others - the articles, the words, the arguments, the passion - often our effort reveals itself to be a fruitless exercise in hearing the sound of our own voice.

How do we have better political conversations? Or talk politics constructively? We need a new approach to political conflict. But can we find one that allows us to be brutally honest while not sacrificing our relationships? An approach that allows to keep on with the cause without dehumanizing each other?

Join Ty as he offers tips that have worked well for him, both on social media and off, and explores what lessons we might learn from that one time Honest Abe found himself toe to toe with a political rival in a sword fight.

CORRECTION: In 1842, Abraham Lincoln would not have been a "former U.S. Representative." At that time, he was a former Illinois State Representative.

The Myth of Donald Trump: 5 Reasons You Should Reject the Voter Fraud Talk

Threatening to upend the GOP’s chances in Georgia, Trump loyalist Sidney Powell has vowed to “unleash the Kraken,” the proof that voter fraud is the reason the President lost the election.

But just like Powell’s Kraken, Donald Trump is built on a myth, too.

Bluster: The Filibuster and the Democratic Party's Gambit

Some believe the filibuster is an invention of the framers of the Constitution, a counter-device created to protect the minority party. But the filibuster isn’t that at all - it’s actually a mistake, leading to gridlock and stalemate in the Senate.

The Democratic Party may find itself in the position to end the filibuster once and for all, opening the lane for the President and his party to accomplish the Biden administration's agenda. It is a gambit, and the party risks finding themselves on the business end of a central rule in politics: there is no such thing as a permanent majority.

What is the filibuster? Does it have a useful purpose? And can Democrats find a way to end the gridlock without voluntarily handing their majority over?

How to Keep Hope in Politics

Politics has always been a long game, but on a political landscape reduced to circus and conspiracy, it can be defeating, overwhelming, and despairing.

How do you keep hope in politics? How can you stay engaged without drowning? Ty explores the concept of hope and how it might be directly applied to political engagement.

No Heroes Here: The Capitol Attack and the Fundamental Truth of Democracy

On January 6th, MAGA-clad insurrectionists attacked the U.S. Capitol, there to fulfill Donald Trump's call to "stop the count." But more than the building, they attacked what Ronald Reagan called "the bulwark of our Republic," the continuity of government; the peaceful transfer of power.

In that moment, Americans were exposed to the fundamental truth of democracy, a truth we often experience as a nightmare.

But when we courageously embrace that truth, we can then experience as something else entirely: a miracle.

Cut the Mic: The First 2020 Presidential Debate

The first 2020 Presidential Debate was brutal. The media has gone as far as comparing it to a dumpster fire. But that's completely unfair to dumpster fires.

We've come a long way from Kennedy and Nixon, but what does show Donald Trump and Joe Biden gave us mean for the future of Presidential debates?

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